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Please take care when removing your instrument cluster. If professional advice and assistance are required we highly recommend using a trained professional. 


This is a repair/ rebuild service for your own instrument cluster. This is not a sale of an instrument cluster. After you "buy it now" you will be requested to send in your own instrument cluster which will be repaired/rebuilt by us. After your repairs are complete, your instrument cluster will be returned to you within 24 hours. Once your instrument cluster is returned to you, you will simply plug in and play. If any codes or DTCs are required to be deleted, this information alongside any further tips and advice will come within the return package.

95% of all repairs/rebuilds of all Ford instrument clusters are completed within 24 hours. If your Ford instrument cluster is worse than expected and needs longer attention and testing, we will contact you to inform you throughout our repair service.


We highly recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery to you as a service to get your Ford instrument cluster to us. After the repairs are completed your Ford instrument cluster will be returned to you on a DPD next day fully tracked and insured (up to £250) express service. Higher return carriage insurance can be arranged prior to return dispatch at your request.


All our Ford instrument cluster repairs come with a 2-year standard warranty on all repairs which are carried out. Our Lifetime Warranty remains intact as long as you still own the vehicle i.e. If you own the vehicle for 10 years? you will have a full warranty for 10 years on all parts and labour. There is no limit on our lifetime warranty promise.


All prices are subject to the current UK rate of VAT which is 20%. A full VAT receipt will be provided after our service is completed. 

Repair/Rebuild terms, please read

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