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  • Do I have book my repair in?
    No. You can visit our shop page, choose your model instrument cluster you wish to have repair/rebuilt and purchase the service. Once you have submitted your order your ford instrument cluster repair/rebuild service slot will automatically be booked.
  • Do you offer a same day on-site repair service?
    Yes we do. We offer a full walk in service for all the instrument cluster repairs/rebuilds we offer in our shop. This includes instrument cluster removal, re-fit services and full vehicle diagnostics. Same day walk in repair times avarage from 2 to 4 hours. Walk in services are strictly appointment only. Please contact us if you wish to make an appointment.
  • How do I remove my Ford instrument cluster?
    For help removing your Ford instrument cluster, please email us and we will foward you a PDF with instructions on how to remove and refit your instrument cluster.
  • Will my vehice run without my instrument cluster?
    Mostly likely not, as most Ford instrument cluster are part of the vehicle immobiliser system. We strongly advise the vehicle not to be driven or ignition turned on once the instrument cluster is removed. Driving with the instrument cluster removed can cause many false DTC's and errors within the vehicle and you will need to visit a diagnostic specialist to have these removed from the vehicle ECU's. Driving without a speedometer in the UK is an illegal offence.
  • How long do repairs normally take?
    90% of repairs are done within 24 hours. If your instrument cluster has any unusual faults this can take up to 1-3 days for a full rebuild and extensive testing. If your repairs take any longer, we will call and keep you updated throughout the process.
  • Do I have to pay for my Ford instrument cluster before its repaired?
    No. You will have 2 options at checkout when you are submitting your order form. 1, will be submit and pay after the repair has been completed (once the unit is repaired we will contact you and take payment over the phone). 2, you will be able to submit your repair order form and checkout via online payment or PayPal.
  • Are prices subject to change after you have received my instrument cluster?
    Our prices online are for a full repair/rebuild to the entire instrument cluster. There could be an additional charge if your main LCD is damaged and in need of replacing, however this is very rare. The price for a new LCD display will be mentioned within the common faults list of your instrument cluster when booking in your repair. If this is the case we will notify you and get your permission before we complete the rebuild.
  • Do you repair previously tampered with instrument clusters?
    We tend to avoid repairing previously tampered instrument clusters. This is due to our professional standards of work hence our lifetime warranty. If your instrument cluster has been previously tampered with please call us prior to ordering our services online. If your instrument cluster cannot be repaired a minimal fee of £39.50 will be charged which includes, test, diagnostics, return carraige and Vat. If your repairs are successful you will only be charged the standard repair fee and no test fee will be charged.
  • How do you test my Ford instrument cluster after repair.
    After all repairs/rebuilds we carry out extensive testing using our specialist in-house built Vision systems. Our pioneering work in research/development and reverse engineering of Ford instrument clusters keep us at the forefront of any and everything Ford instrument clusters. With our industry leading advancments we contunue to pave the way for many within the instrument cluster repair/rebuild industry.
  • Do you have a minimal test fee?
    A minimal test fee of £39.50 is charged only when units cannot be repaired due to certain circumstances. A test fee is only charged when units have been previously tampered with, has been blown due to external sources i.e jump starts, long prolonged failure and or incorrect diagnostic and coding work has been done to the instrument cluster destroying it beyond repair. Our test fees do not cover our hourly rate. For us to avoid charging you a test fee, we strongly advise you to call us if any of the above has happned prior to failure of your instrument cluster. Our test fee of £39.50 includes, Vat, test, diagnostic and return carraige costs.
  • Will my instrument cluster need to be re-coded back to my vehicle after repair?
    No. This is a plug and play service after all repairs. If your faulty instrument custer has created false fault codes DTC's when failing, these may need clearing only after re-installation. This can be done by any diagnostic specialist.
  • Is my mileage lost whilst my instrument cluster is being repaired/rebuilt?
    No. We do not lose or change your instrument cluster mileage memory whilst repairs are being carried out (mileage amount will not change).
  • What are your shipping fees?
    We have a flat rate within the UK mainland of £11.50 plus VAT for parcel weights up to 10kg with an insurance value of £200 on all parcels. If you wish to have added security we offer a premium delivery service with an insurance value of up to £1000. You will be able add this option to your purchase at checkout. All deliveries are sent on a next day service within the UK mainland. More details can be found on our shipping and returns page.
  • How do I package my item for delivery?
    We recommend a box with at least 3"inches/7cm clearance all round your instrument cluster. After this, wrap the unit in bubble wrap and or fill the gap with loose fill packaging material or another soft material such as scrunched up news paper. See below:
  • What courier service do you recommend?
    We recommend Royal Mail next day Special delivery service with a minimum of £500 insuarnace value added. This normally costs £12 for parcels below 2kg. This service is quranteed next day and arrives at our workshop before 12am ensuring a rapid turnaround service.
  • What warranties do you offer?
    All repairs come with a 24 month warranty as standard, and a lifetime warranty coverage for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • What payment options do you offer?
    We accept online payments via our website with all major debit and credit cards. Online website payment via PayPal. Via phone by any major debit or credit cards. BACS (bank transfer).
  • Do you have terms and conditions online which I can view?
    Yes we do. These can easily be viewed here.
  • I still have a question?
    Please feel free to conatct us via live chat, email or phone.
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