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About us


Ford Instrument Cluster Repair, the UK's home for all Ford instrument cluster design, repairs, modifications, upgrades and spares. As a group of highly experienced instrument cluster technicians, we lead the UK in all types of Ford instrument cluster repair methods.

Having been established since 1994 in the South East of England, we have been at the forefront of instrument cluster design, repair and modifications. Specialist Ford division of Cluster Repairs UK


Technician & Engineers

As experienced qualified instrument cluster technicians, we repair all types of defects and not just common faults i.e.


Faulty gauges
Defective warning lights
Damaged/pixelated displays

Background illumination defects
Immobiliser issues

Warning sound buzzer failures
Internal software issues
Intermittent to complete loss of power


Research and Development


Our Research and Development department is the motor of our company. Over the last decade, as a team of highly skilled and dedicated engineers, scientists and technicians, we have managed to generate outstanding developments and are continuously working on creating the most innovative solutions in our fields of expertise. We are continuously investing and purchasing the latest Ford instrument clusters in order to reverse engineer and expose any potential future defects and implement lifetime rebuild repair solutions.

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Key benefits in using us

All parts go through extensive testing using our intelligent in-house created diagnostic equipment.
Bespoke services to suit each individual can include allocating donor parts, delivery and pick up service, timed turnaround times and full free technical advice.
We use the highest standards of logistics, from pickup to internal processing and return delivery of your part.
A professional dedicated team of customer service agents happy to assist in every way.
Lifetime warranties on all repair/rebuild services on all instrument clusters.
A 24 hour service on 95% of all repairs.
Walk in while-you-wait repair service option.
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Whom we serve


We are used by many Ford Many dealer sites, Independent Ford and independent repair garages, Kwick Fit, Halfords Auto repair Centers, major auto repair insurers, auto repair warranty companies and provide services directly to the general public. 


When it comes to Ford Instrument Cluster repairs, servicing and parts we are the established and recognised choice.


Lifetime Warranty

All our repairs come with a lifetime warranty

no questions asked


Do you have a question?

Read our FAQ

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