There can be many common faults with the Ford C-MAX instrument cluster. At Ford Instrument Cluster Repairs we are specialists in reverse engineering the C-MAX instrument cluster completely. We have located all the weak spots where the part can and does fail and put in professional solutions. Ford C-MAX Instrument cluster faults may often begin intermittently but will generally worsen if left. If your Ford C-MAX instrument cluster has developed a fault, we offer a major total overhaul rebuild service to the entire cluster. After our repairs, all Instrument clusters are rigorously tested for any defects and are covered with a professional full lifetime warranty.


Years: 2003 to 2006 appox


Common faults:


  • Faulty or intermittent gauges
  • Loss of power to the vehicle
  • Immobiliser issues, vehicle not starting
  • U1900 comms DTC
  • U0001-high speed can communication bus
  • P1260-61-PCM-Theft Detected DTC
  • U0155-61-PCM-Communication failure DTC
  • Flickering or permanently lit warning lights
  • Complete power failure
  • Dead LCD/display not working altogether (+£30)
  • Other faults


We offer a complete test and rebuild of the entire Ford C-MAX instrument cluster with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty.

Ford C-MAX Instrument Cluster Speedometer MK1 Repair & Rebuild service

£149.00 Regular Price
£109.00Sale Price
  • VM no:


    8U4T-10849-MJ / 8V4T-10849-KE / 8V4T-10849-HH / 8V4T-10849-HJ / 8V4T-10849-HK / 8V4T-10849-BF / 8V4T-10849-KF / 8V4T-10849-FF / 8V4T-10849-MK / 8V4T-10849-ME / 8V4T-10849-MJ / 8V4T-10849-MH / 8V4T-10849-KJ / 8V4T-10849-DH / 8V4T-10849-DJ / 8U4T-10849-MK / 8V4T-10949-MF / 8V4T-10849-HM / 8V4T-10849-KK


    OEM no:


    VP8U4F-10849-MJ / 8V4T-10849-HF / 8V4T-10849-FE / 8V4T-10849-FH / 8V4T-10849-FJ / 8U4T-10849-BJ / 8V4T-10849-HG / 8V4T-10849-BJ / 8V4T-10849-HE / 8V4T-10849-FK / 8U4T-10849-HJ / 8V4T-10849-FG / 8VAT-10849-FH / 8V4T-10849-BH



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