There can be many common faults with the Ford Mondeo instrument cluster. At Ford Instrument Cluster Repairs we are specialists in reverse engineering the Mondeo instrument cluster completely. We have located all the weak spots where the part can and does fail and put in professional solutions. Ford Mondeo Instrument cluster faults may often begin intermittently but will generally worsen if left. If your Ford Mondeo instrument cluster has developed a fault, we offer a major total overhaul rebuild service to the entire cluster. After our repairs, all Instrument clusters are rigorously tested for any defects and are covered with a professional full lifetime warranty.


Years: 2000 to 2007 approx.

Common faults:


  • Faulty or intermittent gauges
  • Loss of mileage LCD.
  • Background illumination issues
  • Indicator light fault
  • Flickering or permanently lit warning lights
  • Complete power failure
  • Other faults

We offer a complete test and rebuild of the entire Ford Mondeo instrument cluster with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty.

Ford Mondeo Instrument Cluster Speedometer Mk3 Repair & Rebuild Service

£169.00 Regular Price
£129.00Sale Price
  • VM no: 274854


    OEM no: 3ST-10849KC / 3S7T10849KC / 2S7F-10849-UD / 2S7F-10849-HD / 1S7F-10849-BH


  • Keys information of transaction:


    This is a repair/ rebuild service of your own instrument cluster. You are not buying a part from us. After you buy it now you will send in your own instrument cluster to us which will be repaired/rebuilt. After repairs, your instrument cluster will be returned to you within 24 hours. Once your instrument cluster is returned it will simply plug in and play. If any codes or DTC's are required to be deleted, this information alongside any further tips and advice will come within the return package.


    Previously tampered units:


    We strongly suggest before you buy and pay for our services you contact us first if your instrument cluster has been worked on or is previously tampered with. If your unit is received by us and found to have previously tampered with there may be an additional tamper fee of +£20. Within this tamper test of your instrument cluster, we will confirm if your instrument cluster can be repaired/rebuilt to our high standard and receive a full lifetime warranty. If your instrument cluster can be fully repaired/rebuilt we will carry out and complete our service within the listed price. If it cannot be repaired/rebuilt to our high standards you will only pay a minimal test fee totaling £32.99 which includes return carriage charges and VAT. The remaining balance will be refunded.


    Any Added Charges:


    Ford Instrument Cluster Repairs do not have any hidden charges or fees. If there are any possible fees to be added to the total repair costs as extra services, it will be pre mentioned within the comments faults list on the left-hand side i.e (New LCD +£30) next to the fault listed. If any further fees are required to be paid, we will contact you in advance prior to any additional work is undertaken. 




    All our instrument cluster repairs come with a 2-year standard warranty on all repairs which are carried out. Our Lifetime Warranty remains intact as long as you still own the vehicle i.e you own the vehicle for 10 years? you will have a full part and labour warranty for the duration of this time.




    95% of all repairs/rebuilds of all instrument clusters are completed within 24 hours. If your instrument cluster is worst for wear and needs longer attention and testing, we will contact you to inform you throughout our repair service.




    We recommend Royal Mail Delivery to you as a service to get your instrument cluster to us. After the repairs are completed your instrument cluster will be returned on DPD next day fully tracked and insured (up to £150) express service. This service also includes a text and email notification system which will alert you when your parcel is about to be delivered to you. If you wish to have your part insured for a higher value when being returned to you, you can increase this prior to return of your instrument cluster.


    I need further information:


    If you have any further questions, please check out our FAQ page.



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